It’s Time to Clean Out the Garage

It’s Time to Clean Out the Garage

But it doesn’t have to be as miserable as you’re expecting

Why put yourself through the sweat and dirt of cleaning up your garage? We’ll give you four simple reasons.

1. Reduce Stress

You may not even realize the stress you put your body and mind under when you’re living in a cluttered or disorganized space. That doesn’t mean you are free from the impacts. Stress can ruin even the best of moods, and if your body has been feeling tired, or of the little, simple things are hard to tackle, you need take care of yourself. It starts with cleaning up and organizing. You’ll get a natural boost when you see your new, clean space.

2. Save on Storage and Space

How many storage units are in your city? Three hundred? A thousand? Have you ever wondered as you drove past the giant square behemoths just how many units there are in this country? The bad news is, they’re multiplying. As we continue to collect and inherit “stuff” we also continue to try and live in cleaner, more minimal spaces. It’s an expensive trade-off. Many units cost at least $600 a year, and more and more people are finding that they need two!

3. Give it as a Gift

When we do things for others, not for ourselves, we receive far greater rewards and it’s much easier to motivate ourselves to complete the task. Does your partner or parent deserve the surprise gift of a clean, organized space, where once there was utter chaos? You’ll feel better, you’ll reduce the stress of a loved-one, and you will probably uncover some cool stuff along the way.

4. Peace of Mind

A clean closet makes for a clean bedroom. A clean garage makes for a clean house. A clean house leads to peace of mind. It really can be that easy to establish a little headspace. Wouldn’t you like to know where everything is? What’s in your garage, anyway? As we mentioned in step three, there’s also a great chance you will “find” something you forgot about or need. There are little hidden treasures in all of our messes.

If you’re reading this far, maybe you’ve been convinced. Here is where the big payoff comes in. There are ways to do this that won’t bust your budget or your back. What is the point of reducing stress and decluttering if you burnout or get hurt in the process? Here are four ways to reduce stress, rather than compound it.

1. Partner-Up

Hopefully you can talk a loved one who shares your space into helping out. Many hands do, in fact, make work light. If you live alone, knock on a friendly neighbor’s door and offer to trade. They help you, you help them. People helping people is a great way to reduce stress and build new friendships.

2. Spread Out

Do not try to work in the space of the garage or shed you’re cleaning. Open the door. Use the yard. Use the driveway. Create large piles where you can separate out junk and recyclables, which you should go ahead and do now. Save the cardboard. We’ll use it in step four.

3. Create Keep and Sell Piles

You don’t have to sell your unwanted things. You can have Speedy Junk Removal Pros remove them, or you can give them away to folks who want them. Your “sell” pile is the stuff you won’t be throwing away, recycling (that was step two, remember) or keeping.

4. Box it Up

After you have sold or given away the unwanted stuff, and after the trash removal service has hauled the junk and recycling, it’s time to bring back all those cardboard boxes you held onto. Now, instead of worrying about adding to the junk pile every time you get an Amazon order, you can reframe it: You just received a new storage container to help you stay organized. Label everything, and keep like items together.

So you know Why, and you’ve got some tips on How to do it without driving yourself or your neighbor crazy. Now, When is the best time? Right now!

As summer turns to fall, store all your summer yard equipment, sporting goods, and toys in your extra boxes, and neatly organize the rakes, tarps, snow shovel, and ice pellets for the coming seasons. It’s so much easier to do this when the weather is still nice, and before you need all the fall and winter gear.

There. Now doesn’t that feel better?

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