Be Green During the Holidays with Junk Removal

Be Green During the Holidays with Junk Removal

The holidays are a great time for celebration and a time of year when family and friends come together, sometimes traveling from long distances. And holiday recycling is not always top of mind.

But it’s also the time of year when most of us generate massive amounts of waste and rubbish – not to mention all those Christmas trees and holiday wreaths, poinsettias, and other organic items that will have to be gotten rid of.

There was most likely piles of trash, wrapping paper, boxes, and a few stacks of old electronics and other devices that just got replaced with shiny new ones the day before!

The post-Holiday reality is that we have a whole boatload of trash, rubbish, debris, and junk that has to be disposed of somehow. And the one little residential trash bin that usually seems to be more than large enough is suddenly not even close to being big enough.

And recycling? Are we really thinking about that when we’re cramming and stuffing all the stray ribbons, tissue, and wrapping paper into trash bags?

Probably not.

People around the country will be having a good time and not worrying about those everyday mundane things that normally occupy them throughout the year. Although its always nice to relax and celebrate during this time of year, it’s also good to remember that the environment cannot be ignored.

Recycling during the holidays is just as important, if not more important, in the ongoing battle of keeping our planet healthy for future generations.

Practical Tips for Successful Holiday Recycling

The traditional Christmas holiday colors are green and red. And those who want to successfully recycle as much as possible will be more “green” than red!

Here are a few simple yet practical tips to be a success at holiday recycling:

Recycle Your Gift Wrapping

We see it every year: the explosion of wrapping paper that flies across the house as excited kids voraciously dig into their presents. Just because so much is going on, many of us simply collect all of those gift wrappers in a bag and forget to separate it for recycling. That wrapping paper adds up – if every household does its part in recycling this it can make a big difference.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Yes, your Christmas tree can be recycled and put to good use elsewhere. If you bring your tree to the right recycling center it will get a new job after displaying ornaments and providing a home for your presents. Your tree might be placed in a wildlife sanctuary to provide refuge for animals, or re-processed to create mulch.

Recycle Your Holiday Cards

Just like gift wrapping, holiday cards can add up when put together (especially if you have twelve brothers and sisters, all with kids of their own, who are keen on sending cards for every occasion). It’s as easy as separating the cards and making sure they end up in the recycling bin.

Recycle Old Toys

Every holiday season, tons of old, broken, chipped and ripped toys get replaced with new models – the fancy, shiny, brand new items that will put a smile on any kid’s face. This doesn’t just happen with kids, or toys. Adults also get new gifts that replace their old items: a flat screen TV to replace that old boxy set or a brand new washer drier pair that puts the old clunky ones to shame.

We don’t often think about recycling these old, large items – but it’s just as important as the smaller things. Although it can be a pain to haul our old toys out of the house and to the right recycling facility, it can make a big difference and is definitely worth it.

And the best part is that you don’t have to do it all yourself!

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