Why Real Estate Agents Need Junk Removal

Why Real Estate Agents Need Junk Removal

To succeed in their property management business, real estate agents need systems that enhance their speed and efficiency. How agents manage the period between when an occupant vacates a home and when another person moves-in often makes the difference between success and failure. The moment a rental or a home that is up for sale becomes vacant, a countdown is initiated. Every minute represents a lost opportunity to either sell or rent out the property. The longer the estate agent takes to get the home to market, the more money the owner loses. Rental properties thrive on zero vacancy rates. If a unit is vacant for just one month, the landlord’s income drops by 8.4%. If it is vacant for two months, the owner loses 17% of their income. How long agents take to prepare the home for a new tenant is critical to the rental’s vacancy rate. The same applies when trying to sell a property. The longer a home has been on the market, the more likely that the owner will be forced to sell below their desired selling price. To be able to sell a home super-fast, estate agents must know how to have it show-ready in the shortest time.

And this is where a junk removal service comes in.

When most homeowners or tenants vacate a home, they tend to leave a lot of junk behind. People do not like to transfer their clutter to a new space. They want the new place to be clean with lots of room. The consequence of this is that they often dump their unwanted stuff in their old home. When this happens, real estate agents are faced with a challenge. Should they roll up their sleeves and get to work clearing out the junk? Or should they pick up the phone and get a junk removal company to do it? The second option is better for an estate agent’s business. It is the option that saves the agent’s time and allows them to focus on their core competencies. It also guarantees that while agents dedicate their time to marketing a property, they can be sure the home is being cleaned up and it will make a good impression on buyers and renters alike. Estate agents who use junk removal services seize the advantage over their competition. They avail themselves of the following benefits of using a junk removal service.


Real estate agents have to be competent in many areas because their business requires them to wear different hats at various times. But at the same time, estate agents must be able to differentiate between roles that directly impact their success and those that don’t. Removing junk from homes does not make an estate agent better at their business. The time spent on that task could be better-used in more profitable activities.


Junk removal companies understand the need to expedite action when cleaning-out a home. They recognize that how long they take to finish a job directly impacts the agent’s efficiency. This is why junk removal companies have accelerated processes that allow them to work at short notice. They can arrive the same day a home becomes vacant and have it show-ready the next day or even that day, depending on how much junk they have to remove.

Thorough cleaning

Just because a junk removal company will do a quick job, it does not mean they will do a hasty job. Contrary to what people believe, junk removal is not only about clearing-out trash. Junk removers will undertake any cleaning task necessary to make the home ready for showing. They will remove abandoned, discarded furniture and old carpets, and they will also give the house a deep clean if it is required.

Exterior cleaning

Along with cleaning the inside of the home, junk removal companies will also tidy up the exterior. They recognize that just as books are often judged by their cover, homes are judged by their exteriors. That is why they work with estate agents to improve a home’s curb appeal and make it more welcoming to clients and visitors. A junk removal service will clear away leaves that litter the yard, haul away discarded property (including vehicles) and even remove rundown sheds.

Prevent damage to the home

One thing that may happen when junk is removed from a home is that parts of the building get damaged during the process. Floors often get scratched, walls are scuffed, and door edges are dented when the trash is hauled from a home. But this only happens when those moving the junk are not professional junk removers. Junk removal companies know how to remove trash without damaging the property.

Save and make more money

When estate agents use professional junk removers, they do not have to spend money to fix damage caused by junk removal. The agent is also able to get the home to the market in a shorter time. And, best of all, because the house is presented in the best condition possible, agents can ask for a bigger rent or higher sales price.

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