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Remove The Most Unwanted Items - Speedy Junk Removal Pros

Moving to a new location, or just need to do some spring cleaning? You may want to get rid of some of your household items, but many sanitation workers do not want to collect them because they can be too bulky or create pollution. The best option is to call a junk removal company like Speedy Junk Removal Pros, where we will pick up any and all of your unwanted items!

Here are the top unwanted items that can often be tricky to get rid of with your local trash collector:


Couches are the number one unwanted item that can be a pain to get taken away on garbage night. Workers often leave it on the curb because it can be too bulky and heavy for one or two men alone; it can also take up too much space in their truck!


At one point or another, everyone’s beloved kitchen refrigerator will break down, causing you to go out and get a new one. But first, you’ll need to get of your old one. Like couches, sanitation workers often feel refrigerators are too heavy for a one man job.

Broken televisions

Like refrigerators, your television set may break down on you some day, and you won’t be able to get the same service of having the store’s delivery team remove it from you home as they did when your first purchased it. Your vehicle may also not be able to support your broken tv, or you just don’t have time to get rid of it on your own. Calling a professional junk removal company will help you rid your old television so you can get another.


If you’re moving and need to get a new mattress or you happen to wake up to bed bugs one day, you’ll need to discard of your old mattress that no longer has a purpose. Because most people are lazy to even drag them onto the curb, they often throw them into the garage until they feel the time is right to get it removed.

Office Equipment

Whether you have a home office or are doing some spring cleaning at your company with other employees, you may have old or broken office equipment that you haven’t gotten the chance to get rid of. Or, because of today’s ever-changing technology, you may have no use anymore for those old computers or printers. Because many places will not allow old office equipment to go to landfills due to the devices contaminating into the soil and groundwater, a junk removal company will be able to take of the hard work for you.

Do you have any unwanted items?

When you’re ready to say goodbye unwanted items – junk, hello relief, give us a call. Give us a call at (800) 878-7016 or go online to schedule your free online estimate today!

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