Metal Junk Can Be Metal Scrap For Recycling

Metal Junk Can Be Metal Scrap For Recycling

It is common to have large, bulky junk items you need to dispose of. But when these junk items are made of metal, a landfill is the last place for them.

Almost every metal is recyclable and some metals, like steel, are 100% reusable. So, it makes no sense to dump these materials in landfills.

Old Metal Junk – or Scrap Metal – Doesn’t Have to Go to a Landfill

Metals in scrap and junk form end up in our landfills all the time. Old bicycles, lawn equipment, household appliances, car parts, junk hardware, and so on – tens of thousands of tons of it gets put into landfills throughout the United States on a regular basis.

And almost none of it really needs to be there.

This is because almost every type of metal is recyclable and many of them infinitely so. But the problem is that not nearly enough of it is.

“Although almost every kind of metal can be recycled again and again without degradation of properties, in 2018, only 34% of metal in U.S. municipal waste facilities was recycled.”

Yet many metals are 100% percent recyclable.

A great example is aluminum. According to the International Aluminum Institute in London,

“Around 75 percent of the almost 1.5 billion metric tons of aluminum ever produced is still in productive use today.”

Of course, steel is a perfect candidate for recycling and metal recovery practices. As a recent report from the National Material Company notes,

“Almost 69 percent of all steel is recycled in North America each year – more than paper, aluminum, plastic, & glass combined. North America’s average steel recycling rate has been in excess of 60 percent since 1970. More than 95 percent of the water used for making steel in North America is recycled.”

And one of the biggest sources of “junk” steel from households comes in the form of old home appliances such as washers, dryers, and stoves. Fortunately, these heavy, metal junk items can be almost completely reused as all 99 pounds of steel in the average major appliance can be recycled to make new steel products.

So, what about copper?

We all know that it is considered a fairly valuable metal, especially when the demand was high and the legitimate supply was not. It wasn’t that long ago that news stories of copper metal component thefts seemed to show up every day.

Obviously, we still have a long ways to go with process most of our metal scrap for recycling.

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