Junk Removal Tips In A Snowstorm

Junk Removal Tips In A Snowstorm

Winter snowstorms are certainly no stranger to Massachusetts, with Nor’easters blowing in regularly to dump heavy accumulations of snow. As beautiful as Greater Boston is under as blanket of snow, winter weather does have it’s inconvenient aspects. Junk removal, for instance, can be a bit more complicated when Old Man Winter is at full bluster. Knowing how to work around the weather to make junk removal as safe and easy as possible is important, so here are a few junk removal tips that are sure to come in handy when that next big snowstorm hits.

  1. Check for junk collection schedule changes. Heavy snow accumulation, icy roads and poor visibility in snowstorms can make it necessary for junk removal to be postponed for safety reasons. Calling your junk removal company before you cart your junk out to the curb tops the list of junk removal tips, since it can spare you the hassle of dragging it all back again if collection is rescheduled.
  2. Timing is everything. Putting your junk out the night before collection day can make life easier, avoiding another task in the early morning hours as you’re rushing to get ready for the day. However, when there’s a snowstorm rolling in, that may not be the way to go. Getting up a bit early in the morning to handle it can avoid having your bins knocked over by strong winter winds or snowplows and give you a chance to clear away snow that has accumulated overnight so your bins will be accessible to waste service employees.
  3. Be aware of snow plows. A serious snowstorm means that snow plows will be working to keep the streets and roadways clear. Keep this in mind as you bring your junk to the curb for collection. Make sure your stuff is placed safely, clearly visible to snowplow operators and far enough from the edge of the street that they aren’t in the way, and that lids are secure, just in case they are nudged by snow pushed aside by the plow.
  4. Bag your junk for extra protection. No matter how careful you are in placing your junk, high winds or snow plows may tip them from time to time, especially when the weather is at its worst. Bagging some of your junk before it goes in the bin can keep it from blowing all over the neighborhood if the worst happens.

Taking heed of these junk removal tips can make collection day safer and easier for residents, neighbors, snowplow operators and your waste collection service providers. While winter weather can make junk removal day a little more challenging, taking these simple precautions against mishaps during a snowstorm can help make things run more smoothly for all involved.

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