Junk Removal Reality

Junk Removal Reality

We often hear the question “why should I use a junk removal service”? At the risk of sounding self-serving here are some real common sense reasons that our customers have shared with us.

I can do junk removal myself

Truth is that most of us are too busy to make time for this task. First, it requires access to a truck, trailer or larger SUV. Another option is to get a dumpster if you have a good pile of junk but those are expensive and take up a lot of room in your driveway or on your street.

I plan to donate much of this junk

If you have the time and ability to get it to your local non-profit by all means we recommend it. Again, having the right vehicle can be a challenge and finding the time in a busy schedule it tough. We actually donate anything that is realistically usable rather than fill landfills. In fact we recycle, donate or convert to energy virtually everything we pick up except yard waste. You have the peace of mind from knowing that your junk leaves no environmental footprint.

I think I can get a friend to help me move this out

Again, wonderful if that’s an option for you. Our people are well trained to move heavy, bulky objects through tight spaces without damaging your home. A buddy may or may not have the training to do this with you. Moving old mattresses, refrigerators and stoves is not high on most people’s list of ways they want to spend their weekends. With our guys you just point and we take it from there.

I want to minimize my environmental impact with getting rid of my junk

We said it earlier but we think it’s worth repeating. We leave virtually no environmental footprint behind when we pick up your junk. We’re a small local company with kids that live and play in the same community. It not only our corporate responsibility but our community responsibility to make sure that disposal of old junk is handled with care.

It might be expensive

You might be surprised. A dumpster is quite expensive, the cost of lost use of space in your home from accumulated junk has a value, getting rid of your old mattress so you can get a new one for your sore back has value. It’s worth taking a look at the real cost when evaluating this.

I can’t decide if I should toss this or not

While this is a personal decision, past customers have told us “if I haven’t touched a thing in a year or more and can’t come up with a realistic reason why the thing is still in my closet it’s probably worth considering it junk.

For questions about our junk removal services or to make an appointment, give us a call today at (800) 878-7016.

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