Hitch it or Haul it?

Hitch it or Haul it

It is sometimes said that our living space – whether it’s your dorm room, bedroom, or house – is an outward representation of our mental or emotional state and vice versa. It’s easy to fall into a rut and decide you’ll skip cleaning today, and then one day becomes two, two becomes a month, and now you’re living under a mountain of junk feeling hopeless and depressed. On the other end of the spectrum – is there any better feeling than coming home to a clean and spacious home? Or the feeling of accomplishment and relief after you’ve gotten rid of all the unused and unnecessary junk in your garage? When your living space is clean and organized, your mind feels clear and organized.

A clean and decluttered home gives you one less thing to worry about in an already overstimulating and stressful world. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place of peace, and it can be – by following an easy method to help declutter and determine what you should keep and what needs to go.

The RFASR method:

RFASR is a well-known acronym that can help determine when/if an item is something you should keep or get rid of – it goes something like this:
Recency — “When was the last time I used this?”
Frequency — “How often do I use this?”
Acquisition Value — “How difficult/expensive is it to get this?”
Storage Cost — “How much space and maintenance cost is it tied to?”
Retrieve Cost — “What costs are associated with retrieving it or it becoming outdated?”
The most effective thing to do would be to follow a checklist, something similar to this:

Recency: (Low)
Frequency: (Low)
Acquisition Value: (Low)
Storage Cost: (High)
Retrieve Cost: (High)

Haul It

For me, personally, I have a crazy issue with buying too many clothes. Probably, just me trying to cover up emotional trauma by trying to fill the void. Or I’m just a nerd really into trends.
Recency: “I last wore this over two years ago.”
Frequency: “Even back then, I didn’t wear it a lot.”
Acquisition Cost: “I could order something similar online in the next five minutes.”
Storage Cost: “This and similar items are taking up 3/4 of my closet.”
Retrieve Cost: “It’s so two years ago, too…”
If you end up with a low scoring list, you don’t need that thing and should get rid of it as it is adding no value or usefulness. That’s where we step in, let Speedy Junk Removal Pros help you reclaim your space!

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