Guide for Basement Cleanouts

Guide for Basement Cleanouts

Make the most of your time by planning ahead

Like garages and attics, basements are one of the most common places in the home to store stuff that doesn’t seem to belong anywhere else. Over time, most households accumulate so many miscellaneous items that your basement starts to feel more like a landfill than a storage room. This means it’s time to act. We’ve assembled a guide for completing efficient basement cleanouts. Learn more by reading on.

A Guide for Basement Cleanouts

  • Make a plan. Be sure to schedule a time with a realistic end date to ensure you have given yourself enough time. Many people have success when they devote a weekend to cleaning out their basement.
  • Create zones that you’ll clean out one at a time. One large room can be overwhelming. Therefore, breaking up the job into chunks can be more manageable.
  • Go through your things. It helps to create three piles for the items you sort through: keep, throw out, and give away/sell.
  • Throw away the items you don’t want. Some people rent a dumpster while some use curbside trash pickup, depending on the number of items. Then, give away or sell the third pile. Yard sales, Facebook Marketplace, or donations to non-profits are all options for the items you no longer want but might be of use to someone else.
  • Next, it’s time to organize the things you’ve decided to keep. Try color-coded storage bins or clear bins that allow you to see its contents. Clearly label each side and the top of each bin for easy access.
  • Call in reinforcements. If you’re cleaning out your basement, you probably have years of clutter to go through. Speedy Junk Removal Pros can help with your basement cleanout. We’ll remove your unwanted items and dispose of them responsibly by recycling or donating old items whenever possible.

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