Can You Throw Away a Stove?

Can You Throw Away an Stove?

You no longer need your stove, so what are you supposed to do? There are a few ways you can get rid of your appliance. Learn if you can throw away an oven.

Can You Throw Away a Stove?

Call your local trash company to ask if they’ll accept your old appliance. Some municipalities offer periodic pickups or drop-off events for your smaller appliances. While this could be an easy option, remember that it is just heading to a landfill and isn’t the best option for the environment. Fortunately, there are many better options for your oven and the environment:

  • Ask for it to be taken away when your new one is delivered. It’s most likely you are replacing your old oven, and many stores over recycling services. Ask your local appliance store if they’ll pick up your old appliance when they deliver the new one.
  • Recycle it. Did you know there are many parts of a stove that can be recycled? Find a nearby recycling center online. For example, you can try searching for facilities through Earth911. Or, just try a simple Google search! There is a good chance of there being a number of appliance recycling centers in your area that are willing to accept used models for a small fee.
  • Check in with your utility company. Another idea is to ask your utility company if they have an appliance recycling program. Utility companies encourage the use of newer, energy-efficient models, so they might be of help.
  • See if you can sell or donate it. Just because you’re done with your stove doesn’t mean it’s no longer working. If it is still usable, you can try to sell it online or call around to see if any place is taking donations.

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